Below is a list of things we will be using fundraising money to buy
OR… things we would LOOOOOVE donated by you if you already have them laying around
OR… if you wish to donate to us by gifting any of these items, please let us know!

These are the things we need to function, to fulfill future plans, and things that will help us to keep on keepin on. Any help with purchasing these items or donations would be greatly appreciated.

• Apple i-pad (new or used)
• Yoga props: blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, Yoga Pro Wheel
• Weights: kettle bells + free weights + sand bags
• Extras: stall bars, boxes, rings, bands, heavy rope
• Balls & such: medicine balls, weighted balls, BOSU Balance Trainer, Yoga Tune Up Balls
• Audio: sound system + microphone
• Video: large screen tv or projector
• Specialty Yoga Instruments: gong, crystal singing bowls