We have several to pay/donate for classes:

1. $15 drop-in donation per single class

2. $40 Monthly reoccurring donation for 5 classes
Expires each month. Additional classes $10 each.

3. $65 Monthly reoccurring donation for unlimited classes
Reoccurring memberships automatically withdraw on the same day each month.

4. Class Packages: $50 for 5 classes, $90 for 10 classes
Packages don’t expire and can be shared with friends and family.

Intro Offer:

On your first visit to one of our classes, the class is offered to you for FREE. After class, or before your next class, you have the ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY to sign up for one month of unlimited classes for $30.


If you are currently enrolled in college, high school or middle school this term you are welcome to purchase classes for $10 each or our Student Monthly Unlimited Membership is $35.

What if I can’t afford to donate?

Inform the instructor you do not have a donation for class, you will ALWAYS be welcome to practice.

How can I earn my membership?

There are opportunities to join our Cleaning Crew in exchange for a monthly membership. Cleaning Crew positions are limited, and expectations are to be upheld in order to receive this benefit. Contact us at awip.salina@gmail.com to inquire about open Cleaning Crew positions.