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A Work In Progress is a 501(c)(3) community collaboration offering yoga & movement classes to Salina, Kansas and surrounding areas.


Movement is an essential part of physical as well as mental health. Because we already carry our body weight around, learning new ways to support ourselves, in our own bodies, using our own weight is a very effective way to exercise and gain physical strength. Body weight movement can be gentle or stimulating for all shapes and sizes and come in vigorous challenging sequences as well as slow moving, controlled use of muscle strength.

It is our highest priority to provide yoga and movement classes to any and everyone who is interested in attending. That’s why all that we ask for is a $5 donation per class. If you have more to give we wouldn’t decline your generous offer and if you don’t have $5 to contribute, just let us know, be honest with us, we want you to attend class no matter what.

If you would like to plan a yoga or movement class in your home or venue please contact us.

Every man, woman, and child deserves opportunities to enhance their own health and well being through movement and yoga. We have made it our mission to provide those opportunities to all who are able to attend.

About Veazey

Ever since my first experience at a yoga studio I have always been bothered by the “traditional” way studios are run. The number one thing I dislike and have a hard time accepting when i work for yoga studios is how much yoga classes and yoga studio memberships cost. The high costs to practice yoga make it inaccessible to the majority of people and that leaves me feeling so unsettled. Yoga shouldn’t just be accessible to those with a lot of money to spend, it should be available to anyone who wants to practice and who seeks it out.

Even as a yoga teacher, receiving a discount, I couldn’t afford yoga every time i wanted to go and practice. I want to put an end to this, or at least, show the world a different possibility. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, or what your background or ethnicity is, every single person deserves a moment in their day that is set aside, just for them. Yoga provides that moment, plus it teaches us a deeper awareness of ourselves, which enables us to heal old wounds, break free of our programmed nature and to see the path to being the greatest possible humans we can be.

Everyone deserves the enlightenment available to those who spend time working on themselves, seeing themselves and improving themselves every single day. And so I have made it a mission in my life to create the space that provides not just yoga but also movement classes to any and everyone seeking out the opportunity to learn and to practice.

Movement: because yoga is just ONE possibility, movement because I’ve been collecting tools to heal, to grow and to enhance my life and they all include some kind of body movement but they don’t all include yoga.

Yoga & movement because these show me the path to all possibilities. These are the things that amaze and continuously inspire me. These are the things that make my life worth living, the things that fuel my desire to grow, and the things that expand my mind. These are the things that bring me joy, so I would like to share them with you.