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it’s the mid way point

start the 2nd half of the year with a bang!

What do you want from you? Email AWIP awip.salina(at) or comment on our FB post. stating your attendance goal for the month of July. Say it out loud. This is what I want to do. For me. And then proceed the rest of the month doing it!Return to your email or comment and reply each week with your progress. If you are meeting your expectations, say so. If you are coming up short, admit it. If you are happy with what you’ve done, holla! If you are disappointed in yourself this week, cussing OWN it.

This is for you, by you. It’s all about accountability. We call this the


“My goal: ultimate 100% self accountability gonna blame your life on today? Who’s in charge of you? There’s only weakness to be had in waiting for somebody to change it for you, in waiting for external circumstances to alter, in waiting to win the lottery, in waiting for the right man to come along, in waiting for times to get better, in waiting for something to change at your job. It is the weakest position you can stand in and my strength in self accountability brings me a higher level of joy than anything else in the world because there’s such freedom in it. You know, like it’s just this huge expansive sense of “ in charge of this person” whatever happens out there is none of my business. I’m in charge of THIS soul — that was given to me to take care of and I accept 100% accountability for this soul.“
~Elizabeth Gilbert

we have a move in date

we will be in our studio by august 15th.

We look forward to sharing studio progress photos with you! Watch us grow! Here is the current space >>