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Yin Yoga with Sandbags : Self Love Sesh

A 90-minute assisted Yin Yoga sandbag class with a crew of teachers ready to help you create the most relaxing and restorative poses for your body to sink into. If you enjoy Yin Yoga but the 60-minute classes seem to fly by, treat yourself to this special practice. We will also be using aromatherapy to enhance the experience by incorporating essential oils into the assists.

And as a bonus — cuz we’re all trying to eat better and get the good stuff into our bodies — after practice, replenish and rejuvenate your body with freshly made juice containing ONLY fruits and veggies, home-brewed kombucha, AND a delicious treat made of only plants.

From personal experience, I know the importance of taking time for some self-love. Here’s an opportunity to give yourself a gift and gift A Work In Progress at the same time. Give yourself this love, and we’ll give ya some love too. Win, win.

$45, Saturday, June 1st, 1–3pm


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De-Stress Practices for high-stress work environments

AWIP is offering two FREE classes per week for Military Personnel, Veterans, Firefighters, First Responders, EMTs, Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, and Correction Officers having faced dangerous, traumatic, and high-stress situations while performing their job duties.

Link to flyer (.pdf)


* These classes are NOT open to the public.

It has been proven that yoga helps significantly reduce rage, anxiety, and emotional reactivity, while increasing feelings of relaxation, peace, self-awareness, self-efficacy, and sleep quality.

Special thanks to the Greater Salina Community Foundation for the grant to get this project started.

A message from Veazey, founder of A Work In Progress : Yoga Studio

Hi I’m Veazey, This message is meant for you if you work in high-stress environments, specifically, Military Personnel, Veterans, Firefighters, First Responders, EMTs, Police, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, and Correction Officers.

Stress is normal in life and so is trauma. We all experience trauma. First, when we are children, when we are the most vulnerable and without mental or physical defenses. Every experience we have as children sticks with us and molds our future thoughts, words and actions.

As adults, we call upon past experiences, some as far back as childhood, to know how to respond to new stressful and traumatic situations. But as adults, things are ingrained much deeper within us. We’ve had time to suit up with armor against the tough stuff life throws our way and we’ve learned how to ignore things or numb things as a way of dealing with them.

Then, there are people like you who have chosen work where you witness some of the saddest, the most tragic, and altogether horrific scenes known to humans. You see people at their worst, lowest and most toxic states and witness children thrown into the mix.

Seeing these things REGULARLY has a tremendous effect on your thoughts, words and actions. There’s no denying it, you cannot unsee what you’ve seen, you cannot unhear what you’ve heard, and you cannot unfeel what you’ve felt.

So when daily life happens, all of those past traumatizing experiences STICK in your consciousness as possible outcomes at any given moment in any given situation.

Trauma and stress are sticky. And if you don’t move your body enough, breathe enough, or consciously relax enough, things get out of balance within you. If you don’t take the time to make shift happen in your life, you will continue to feel STUCK until something forces a change.

As a healthy resilient human, you have emotional ups & downs, high & low mental clarity, and physical losses as well as gains. As a healthy resilient human, change is welcome, the fluctuations of life are not too heavy to bear, there is no need for excess numbing tactics and whether you have a horrible day or a great day, all is pretty damn good.

However, staying balanced mentally, emotionally and physically is quite tricky. At some point in your life, you may find yourself stuck in a rut feeling down emotionally, experiencing low mental clarity, or physical weakness. These are the sorts of imbalances that will keep you from comfort and ease, put a wall between you and contentment, and distract you from the importance of truly engaging in your own life.

I’ve made it my personal mission and the mission of A Work In Progress to share yoga & movement tools for getting unstuck and back in balance with as many people as I can in Salina, Kansas.

BUT… as much as I’d like to share what I know with EVERYONE, it’s people like YOU that I’m really trying to reach. People like you who choose careers in service of others. The more you give and serve — or the more you pour from your own cup, the more you need to fill back up.

The world needs you and your service, but remember, YOU need YOU too. If you want to stay in balance while serving the world around you, start with yourself. Give to yourself first, so you have more to give everyone else.

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