Saturday, Sept 21st : Day of Play

Studio Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser

About Power & Play Yoga

Take our usual power vinyasa class minus 5° F, add about 30 minutes of how-to instruction for inversions and arm balances, and then stick those new moves in the vinyasa flow. This class will be packed with fun flows, tricky challenges, and plenty of smiles. No yoga experience is required however it is suggested that you have some understanding of yoga basics as this class moves at a faster pace during the yoga flow and some familiarity is helpful.

This class is part of our 1-year anniversary fundraiser. The suggested donation is $20 but we will gladly take whatever you wish to donate be it more or less.

Sign up for this class using the Vagaro website or app :

About Mood Goddess Henna Party

For a $20 donation, one of our artists will give you a moon goddess inspired temporary tattoo using Jagua gel (an alternative to Henna that stains black). Bookings available from 11–12pm or first come first serve walk-ins from 1–5 at Toga Games

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About Toga Games

It’s really quite simple.
Were going to
play games
—that may or may not require yoga skills,
in togas—that are required to party,
with drinks—adult bevies and some fresh juice

The games are like minute-to-win-it games with a yoga twist. Expect to look silly, laugh a little and play like a kid.

The togas are required. We don’t care if you wrap a sheet over your clothes, on this day we are celebrating our tribe and wearing our similarities on the outside in costume. A Work In Progress’s classes ask us to dig deep within and work on ourselves. We do this work on our own, but we do it together. We may not look like we belong together, but it’s the work that we do that sets us apart from many and brings us closer to each other.

Two drinks on us, the rest are on you. Cash, card or check.

Here’s the schedule from 1–5pm
Arrive, order up a drink, start sippin

1:15–1:30 Registration for Toga Games Round 1
1:45–2:15 Toga Games Round 1

2:15–2:30 Registration for Toga Games Round 2
2:45–3:15 Toga Games Round 2

3:15–3:30 Registration for Toga Games Round 3
3:45–4:15 Toga Games Round 3

4:30ish Announce winners
5 Clean up and bounce

We have set a $1000 goal for this fundraiser. Please help us get there by donating ahead of time for Toga Games in the studio, on Vagaro, or by using Paypal.

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