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Yoga Classes Are Located at 218 E Walnut St, Salina, KS 67401


Mindful Strength Hatha Yoga
(2nd Sundays ONLY) Yoga 101: Basics
Yin Yoga: Deep Stretch & Relaxation
Yoga + HIIT
Vinyasa Jukebox
PWM: Cuss & Burn Yoga
Mindful Strength Hatha Yoga
Mindful Strength Hatha Yoga
PWM: Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow
Yin Yoga: Deep Stretch & Relaxation
Yin + Yang: Slow Yoga Flow & Deep Stretch
Freestyle Vinyasa Flow
Yin Yoga: Deep Stretch & Relaxation
Yoga + HIIT
Power Vinyasa Flow
Yin + Yang: Slow Yoga Flow & Deep Stretch
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ALL LEVEL Classes For Newbies, Beginners, Seasoned Yogis, and Advanced Practitioners

Each class requires a different level of active energy which is a good indication of how much effort it requires BUT any class can be modified to be an ALL LEVELS class. It’s always best to get used to the basics in a slower class first but you are welcome to jump in anywhere at anytime and just do what you can. Watch for workshops breaking down important yoga intel to help advance your practice along. Make sure to read the class description before attempting a class for the first time.

If You’re New or a Beginner

For a slower moving yoga practice that will get you familiar with the common poses and language, attend ‘Yin + Yang: Slow Yoga Flow & Deep Stretch’. To use yoga for a time of meditation and relaxation attend a ‘Yin Yoga’ class; great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Looking for a More Vigorous, Advanced Flow?

If you’re feeling up for a challenge, try out the high energy classes like Power Vinyasa or Yoga + HIIT. Freestyle Vinyasa is a practice that can be modified to be gentler or modified to be more intense so it’s great for ALL LEVELS even though it’s more vigorous.

If you see photos or videos from classes and you feel discouraged or intimidated, try to take a closer look. Often times the videos are sped up like 30+ minutes in a few seconds. If you look closely at the people in the videos, you’ll see the truth, everyone is at a different place in their yoga practice, everyone has different abilities, everyone chooses what they should and shouldn’t do, everyone is perfect exactly as they are, exactly where they are, including you too.


“PWM” Practice with me Classes

These classes are created specifically with the instructor in mind. Instructors need to get their own practice in too, and sometimes, it’s fun to share our practices with you. Join our teachers as they lead the way through something they’ve been wanting to work on or flow through. Sometimes there will be something special planned and sometimes the teacher will just come up with a flow on the spot, so expect the unexpected. In these classes the cues will be fewer and you won’t be carefully watched, so this may seem like a more independent practice.

Yin Yoga: Deep Stretch & Relaxation

Yoga for the mind, body and soul… well that’s like… all yoga — but this kind is soooo goooooood. It’s like adult nap time, plus some deeeeeep stretches. If you have body or back pain, it’s a nice way to move gently instead of vigorously for a change. It’s a very still practice so, it’s great practice for the mind and meditation.

Vinyasa Jukebox

Vinyasa Jukebox is Freestyle Vinyasa with a themed playlist. Flow to the classics of a new genre each week! This yoga class will move you, it will challenge your strength, keep you breathing, keep you stimulated, keep you on your toes and it will put you into position to see where you are weak and where you are strong.

Mindful Strength Hatha Yoga

Hold your body up with grace in this class. Stay focused on purposeful, mindful control of the body and it’s movements. Stick with it, do your best, and your body might feel fantastic if you succeed. If you feel unsure about what to do, don’t worry, we have great teachers there to guide you.

Slow Flow Yoga

Move slow and feel the burn in this playful but challenging flow. Expect to try new things, to feel the discomfort, and work your heiney off to be steady. This is a great fit for intermediate practitioners but beginners are welcome too!

Freestyle Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Inspired by mobility practices, Kundalini Yoga, & Yin yoga, with a foundation in Vinyasa Yoga. This yoga class will move you, it will challenge your strength, keep you breathing, keep you stimulated, keep you on your toes and it will put you into position to see where you are weak and where you are strong so that you can work towards improvement.

Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow

All the same moves from our Freestyle Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga but put into sequencing that keeps you on the move. This class is meant to get you sweating, breathing, and seriously putting in the effort. Of course everyone has to start somewhere, if you enjoy Freestyle Vinyasa and want to try stepping it up a bit, come to this class. You can ALWAYS rest or slow it down to create a practice that works best for you.

Cuss & Burn

Take yoga postures and mix them with some mobility practices. Short intense moments of burning (the kind that make you wanna cuss) are the aim in this class, paired with music that may or may not use some cuss words. 🙂 This class is intended to CHANGE your body. So expect this class to wear you the cuss out.

Yin + Yang: Slow Yoga Flow & Deep Stretch

This class is a slow active flow plus a handful of Yin Yoga poses for relaxation. It’s meant to get you moving but also offer some deep stretch and relaxation to balance out your practice. Beginners are welcome but please note, this is an ALL LEVELS class. If you need to modify your practice because you are new or injured please do take good care of yourself.

Yoga + HIIT

This is a 1 hour mix of yoga and high-intensity interval training. The class will start with a 15 minute yoga warm-up, followed by 30 minutes of HIIT, and ending with 15 minutes of yoga. HIIT can be performed at a variety of different levels. When first starting out, a slower pace paired with extremely mindful movements is highly recommended. As your body gets stronger and used to the movements, level up as you see fit. HIIT exercises range from core strengthening incorporating planks or sit-up type movements, to full leg strengthening exercises like squats and lunges sometimes using hops or jumps in transitions, to full body movements to get your heart rate up like burpees.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga consists of physical yoga practice, pranayama (breathing practice), meditation, and deep relaxation. This very powerful yoga practice increases oxygen, boosts blood flow, balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and reduces stress. It is especially powerful for people who live active lives because it trains the mind to be strong and flexible in the face of stress and change.

Accept that you are a Work in Progress just like all of us, then show up and do the work. Not for us… for you… it’s all for you.