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We have 3 ways to pay/donate for classes:

1. $10 drop-in donation per single class

2. $25 Monthly reoccurring donation for 5 classes
Expires each month. Additional classes $5 each.

3. $50 Monthly reoccurring donation for unlimited classes.

Reoccurring monthly donations are automatically withdrawn from a credit or debit card on the same day every month.

New customer special:

On your first visit to one of our classes, the class is offered to you for FREE. After class (or before) you have the ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY to sign up for one month of unlimited classes for $25.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Donations are NOT required but please let us know if you don’t plan to contribute, never be ashamed, it’s all good : For questions text or call Veazey (913) 701-7733

College Students:

If you are currently enrolled in college this term you are welcome to purchase classes for $5 each. We ask that you pay for 5 at a time ($25) if possible.


All classes are $5